Major approvals

West Wallsend Mining Operations Plan Amendment B106.9 MB
West Wallsend Project Approval Modification 21st October 20140.1 MB
West Wallsend Colliery Continued Operations Project Approval7.2 MB
West Wallsend Colliery Continued Operations Environmental Assessment23.6 MB

 Mining tenements

Mining Lease No 14380.9 MB
Mining Lease No 14513.1 MB
Consolidated Coal Lease No 7183.6 MB
Consolidated Coal Lease No 7253.3 MB
Consolidated Coal Lease No 7600.6 MB
Mining Lease No 13360.6 MB
Private Lands Lease No1533.5 MB

 Subsidence management plans

Grout Remediation Plan - Site 22.1 MB
LW 4243 Public Saftey Management Plan1.8 MB
West Wallsend Colliery Biodiversity Management Plan3.3 MB
LW46 Transgrid Transmission Tower Management Plan1.1 MB
LW42 End of Mining Panel Report19.5 MB
Longwall 43 Subsidence Monitoring Program1.5 MB
LW 42 43 RMS M1 Motorway Subsidence Management Plan1.9 MB
LW4243Extraction-Plan-and-Subsidence-Management-Plan.pdf7.5 MB
Longwall-42-Subsidence-Monitoring-Program.pdf3.0 MB
LW-4243-Extraction-Plan-Approval-2014.pdf0.1 MB
LW4243-Biodiversity-Management-Plan.pdf3.0 MB
LW4243-Built-Features-Management-Plan.pdf1.4 MB
LW4243-Land-Management-Plan-Version-8.pdf4.9 MB
LW4243-SMP-Approval-and-Conditions.pdf0.5 MB
LW4243-SMP-Approval.pdf0.1 MB
LW4243-Subsidence-Contingency-Plan.pdf1.2 MB
LW4243-Water-Management-Plan.pdf4.3 MB
LW45-Stage-2-Subsidence-Monitoring-Program-Approval.pdf0.0 MB
LW45-Wakefield-Road-Management-Plan-Approval.pdf0.1 MB
LW45 first 870m -Subsidence Monitoring Program Approval0.1 MB
Grout-Remediation-Plan.pdf8.4 MB
West-Wallsend-LW-44-_-45-Cond-14-Telstra-Revised-Approval.pdf0.1 MB
West-Wallsend-LW-44-and-45-Cond-14-WakefieldRd-RMS-Services-Easement-Approval.pdf0.0 MB
WWC-LW44-Stage-2-PSE-subsidence-monitoring-approval.pdf0.0 MB
West-Wallsend-LW-44-45-SMP.pdf0.1 MB
West-Wallsend-LW-44-45-Approval-NSW-DoP-Extraction-Plan).pdf0.1 MB
West Wallsend Colliery Land Management Plan2.4 MB
West Wallsend Colliery Subsidence Contingency Plan1.2 MB
WWC-SMP-LW41-Approval.pdf1.1 MB

 Environment Protection Licence

EPL 13600.3 MB
EPL1360 - Monitoring Locations2.3 MB

 End of panel reports

placeholder - please delete0.0 MB