West Wallsend Colliery Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Management Plan08/04/20197.5 MB
West Wallsend Underground Environmental Management Strategy27/02/201913.9 MB
Macquarie Coal Social Involvement Plan09/01/20190.8 MB
Bushfire Hazard Management Plan03/12/201825.8 MB
OCAL MOP 2018 Part 116/08/201823.5 MB
OCAL MOP 2018 Part 216/08/201823.0 MB
OCAL MOP 2018 Part 316/08/201821.5 MB
OCAL MOP 2018 Part 416/08/201824.3 MB
OCAL MOP 2018 Part 516/08/201814.2 MB
OCAL Mining Closure Plan Part 122/03/201727.8 MB
OCAL Mining Closure Plan Part 222/03/201728.3 MB
OCAL Mining Closure Plan Part 322/03/201727.4 MB
OCAL Mining Closure Plan Part 422/03/201721.3 MB
West Wallsend Colliery Surface Water Management Plan23/10/20162.5 MB
LW 51 End of Panel Report27/07/201622.0 MB
LW 43 End of Panel Report08/04/20169.8 MB
LW 46 End of Panel Report08/04/201621.1 MB
LW42 End of Panel Report08/04/201619.5 MB
Mining Operations Plan 2015-201604/04/20169.8 MB
OCAL Complex Mining Operations Plan 201604/04/201642.8 MB
West Wallsend Colliery Noise Management Plan04/04/20163.0 MB
LW51 and LW52 Extraction Plan and Subsidence Management Plan20/10/20156.1 MB
LW51 and LW52 Subsidence Contingency Plan20/10/20151.6 MB
LW51 and LW52 Built Features Management Plan20/10/20151.7 MB
LW51 and LW52 Public Safety Management Plan20/10/20151.8 MB
LW51 and LW52 Land Management Plan20/10/20152.8 MB
LW51 and LW52 Water Management Plan20/10/20155.5 MB
LW51 and LW52 Subsidence Monitoring Program20/10/20152.2 MB
LW51 and LW52 Biodiversity Management Plan20/10/20153.1 MB
Longwall 41 Public Safety Management Plan01/04/20151.7 MB
Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan27/02/201520.7 MB
Longwall 46 Extraction Plan and Subsidence Management Plan27/02/20155.6 MB
Longwall 46 Land Management Plan27/02/20152.9 MB
Longwall 46 Public Safety Management Plan27/02/20152.2 MB
LW 46 Biodiversity Management Plan27/02/20153.8 MB
LW 46 Built Features Management Plan27/02/20152.1 MB
LW 46 Water Management Plan27/02/20154.0 MB
LW46 Subsidence Contingency Plan27/02/20151.4 MB
LW45-End-of-Panel-Report.pdf17/07/201426.9 MB
LW44-End-of-Panel-Report.pdf04/02/201429.7 MB
LW-45-Subsidence-Monitoring-Program.pdf06/01/20141.7 MB
Wakefield-Road-Management-Plan-Longwall-Panel-45.pdf18/12/201310.2 MB
LW41-End-of-Panel-Report.pdf01/10/201311.9 MB
LW38-End-of-Panel-Report.pdf17/09/20137.5 MB
LW40-End-of-Panel-Report.pdf17/09/201314.5 MB
End of Panel Report LW3912/09/201311.5 MB
WWC Rehabilitation Environment Management Plan06/09/20132.0 MB
Longwall-41-Extraction-Plan-SMP.pdf22/08/20136.8 MB
RMS-F3-Freeway-LW44-and-45-Management-Plan.pdf05/08/20132.0 MB
Telstra-Coppercable-Management-Plan-LW44-and-45.pdf05/08/20131.5 MB
Subsidence-Monitoring-Program-LW44-Stage-2.pdf05/08/20131.7 MB
Wakefield-Road-Management-Plan-Longwall-Panel-44-Final-Signed.pdf05/08/20139.3 MB
Longwall-44-45-Extraction-Plan.pdf27/06/20135.9 MB
LW-44-45-Public-Safety-Management-Plan.pdf27/06/20131.8 MB
LW-44-45-Built-Features-Management-Plan.pdf27/06/20131.5 MB
West Wallsend Colliery Land Management Plan27/06/20132.4 MB
Subsidence Contingency Plan27/06/20131.2 MB
Subsidence-Monitoring-Program-LW44-Stage-1.pdf25/06/20131.4 MB
Transgrid Transmission Tower Management Plan Longwall 44 & 4525/06/20132.4 MB
West Wallsend Colliery Biodiversity Management Plan20/03/20133.3 MB
Gencom-Longwall-41-Subsidence-Management-Plan.pdf01/08/20122.1 MB
LW-41-Built-Features-Management-Plan.pdf01/08/20121.2 MB
LW41-Public-Safety-Management-Plan.pdf01/08/20122.5 MB
LW41-Subsidence-Contingency-Plan.pdf01/08/20121.4 MB
LW41-Subsidence-Monitoring-Program.pdf01/08/20121.7 MB
West Wallsend Colliery Water Management Plan01/08/20124.1 MB