Annual Reviews

Macquarie Coal Annual Review 20179.6 MB
Macquarie Coal Annual Review 20187.6 MB
OCAL Annual Review 201614.3 MB
WWC Annual Review 201510.2 MB
WWC Annual Review 201418.5 MB
WWC Annual Review 201342.4 MB
WWC Annual Review 201219.1 MB
WWC Annual Review 20113.6 MB
WWC Annual Review 20102.4 MB
WWC Annual Review 20093.9 MB
MCPP Annual Review 20083.8 MB
WWC Annual Review 20086.5 MB

 Pollution Reduction Program

OCAL Coal Mine Particulate Matter Control Best Management Practice Determination4.8 MB

 Other publications

Independent Environmental Audit 20196.9 MB
Q3 2019 WWC Noise Monitoring2.6 MB
Westside Voluntary Conservation Area Management Plan1.8 MB
Q2 2019 WWC Noise Monitoring2.4 MB
Q1 2019 WWC Noise Monitoring2.8 MB
Q4 2018 Noise Monitoring2.3 MB
Bush Fire Hazard Management Plan25.8 MB
Q3 2018 Noise Monitoring3.3 MB
Q4 2017 Noise Monitoring4.1 MB
Independent Environmental Audit 20165.0 MB
Xstrata Coal Data Capture and Analysis Platform7.3 MB
OCAL complex EE opps update 20140.1 MB
OCAL complex EE opps update 20150.1 MB
Tonnes of Coal Transported to MCPP0.0 MB
Q3 2014 Noise Monitoring1.3 MB
Q2 2014 Noise Monitoring2.1 MB
Q1 2014 Noise Monitoring4.6 MB
West Wallsend Mine Audit Action Plan0.0 MB
Q4 2013 Noise Monitoring2.3 MB
Q3 2013 Noise Monitoring October re test0.5 MB
Q3 2013 noise Monitoring2.9 MB
West Wallsend Colliery Independant Environmental Audit 20134.7 MB
Q1 2013 Noise Monitoring1.6 MB
Q3 2012 Noise Monitoring October Re test1.7 MB
Q2 2013 Noise Monitoring3.4 MB
Q4 2012 Noise Monitoring1.5 MB
Q2 2012 Noise Monitoring1.5 MB
Q3 2012 Noise Monitoring November Re test0.6 MB