West Wallsend Colliery (WWC) are committed to implementing responsible environmental management across its operations. WWC and MCPP incorporate leading environmental management practices into every stage of the operations life cycle, from planning/project approval through to mine closure, to minimise environmental impacts from the operations.

WWC has implemented a comprehensive Environmental Management Strategy (EMS). The EMS provides details of the measures developed by Oceanic Coal Pty Limited (OCAL) to operate in a sustainable manner, and also provides a framework for dealing with environmental issues in a systematic way. The EMS is structured to ensure that OCAL adopts a continuous improvement approach to environmental management at its operations and where possible, implement best practice environmental management. The EMS consists of a series of comprehensive standards, guidelines, management plans, procedures and programs designed to assist OCAL's with continually improving environmental performance.

In addition a comprehensive environmental inspection and audit schedule is undertaken regularly to assess each operations environmental performance against statutory requirements and internal objectives and targets, and to identify opportunities for improvement.